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ashura festival is not a celebration of joy and happiness.The memory of ashura saddens every free human being.

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The Ashura Festival

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Between The Two Shrines

Have you ever been in a place between two heavens and you do not have the power to decide which way to go?

The Ashura Event
The Battle Of Karbala

It has been 1340 years that millions of people all over the world are mourning for someone, they take actions in his memory, they forgive and donate, and they cry and commemorate him.


The portray of the oldest and largest mourning ceremony in the history of human being via pictures

The Arba'een

You have probably heard of the largest religious gathering in the world, for more information please use the button below.

Imam Hussain’s Shrine

In the city of Karbala, Iraq

Shrine Of Abbas

The Staunch Advocate of Dignity and Sacrifice in Islam


The most historic woman in Islam.

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Hussain, Abbas, Ashura, Battle Of Karbala, Ashura Festival

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