The Staunch Advocate Of Dignity And Sacrifice In Islam


Abul-Fadhl-el-Abbas (P.B.U.H.) has appeared on the stage of the Islamic history as the highest leader with no counterpart in the history of mankind to match his rare heroic acts.

On At-Taff Day, Abul-Fadhl has shown such a great steadfastness and hard will which have been really beyond description.

In addition to what Abul-Fadhl enjoys of his marvelous heroism, he has been an ideal figure for his honorable qualities and grand tendencies.

His character has embodied chivalry, nobility, faithfulness and consolatory spirit. He consoled Imam Hussain (P.B.U.H.) during the days of his greatest misfortune. He did his best to protect him and finally sacrificed himself for him.

All humanity with all its values and virtues bow down humbly and submissively before Abul-Fadhl for the great nobility he has shown to his brother, Imam Hussain.

His Birthday

Abul-Fadhl was born on the twenty sixth of Al- Hijrah on the fourth of Sha’ban.

His Father

The noble father of Al-Abbas (P.B.U.H) is Ali ibn Abi-Talib, the Prince of the Faithful and the Recommended Successor of Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H).

His Mother

Abul-Fadhl’s – mother is Mrs. Fatima, daughter of Hizam bin Khalid.Her father Hizam, is one of the pillars of honor among the Arabs and one of the distinguished characters in open-handedness, bravery and hospitality.

His Name

Imam Ali has given his blessed offspring the name of (Al-Abbas).

Abul-fadhl has got several nicknames as shown below:


He is so nicknamed because he has got a son by this name (Al- Fadhl).


He was nicknamed so, as he got a son by the name of (Qasim) who was martyred with his father on Al-Taff Day.

His Surnames

But as for the surnames which people usually add or attach to one’s personality, they speak of his psychological qualities’, whether good or bad. His surnames are as follows:

The Moon Of The Hashimites

Al-Abbas (P.B.U.H.) has been extremely handsome, ever glowing with youth- and an ideal, fine-looking type of men and for this reason he is surnamed: the Moon of the Hashimites.

Water Supplier (As-Saqqa’)

The reason for bestowing this noble surname upon him lies in the endeavor he made to supply water to the thirsty individuals of Ahlul- Bayt (P.B.U.T.).

The Hero Of The Al-Qami

The Al-Qami is the name of the river at whose banks Abul-Fadhl has been martyred.

He has been surrounded with intensive army forces to prevent Imam Hussain and those who have been with him from having water But Abul-Fadhl, has been able to occupy that river several times until at last he has been martyred at its banks and for this he is surnamed as this.


Among the most famous surnames of Al-Abbas is the Standard- Bearer. Al-Hussain has chosen none of his family people nor his companions to be the bearer of his standard except Al-Abbas since he has got the military capabilities that have made him well cut out for that mission.

Al-Ameed (The Chief)

It is a very sublime surname in the army which is usually awarded to the distinguished members in military leadership.

Family Protector

It is of the most renowned surnames of Abul-Fadhl. This very honorable surname is awarded to him for the vital role he played in taking good care of the chaste and pure mistresses and wives of the divine communication.

The Supplicant’s Gate (Babul-Hawayij)

This is the most common and widely spread surname among the people.

They believe and trust nobody submits his plea before him in good faith, without getting a positive response from Allah, who surely fulfills his demand on account of Abul-Fadhl’s position in Allah’s Grace.

With His Father

Imam Amir-el-Muminin had been looking after him since his childhood, and taking utmost care of him by overwhelming him with the great capabilities which he possessed within his great spirit flourishing with faith and supreme morals.

His Psychological Aspects

Al-Abbas has been a world of virtue and morals. He has inherited the whole of his father’s virtues and noble behavior until he got to be the symbol of every virtue, and a title of all fine values. Below we allude to his personal traits in brief.


Abul-Fadhl has inherited this noble privilege from his father, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib who has been the bravest man throughout the world of existence.

He also has inherited this sublime quality from his uncles who have been merited with this phenomenon and renowned among all Arab districts.

Faith In Allah

He is brought up in the laps of faith and centers of knowledge and piety and institutes of Obedience and Worshipping Allah, the Omnipotent.

He is nourished by his father Ali bin Abi Talib, the Chief of the Unifiers and the Master of the Pious who strictly committed to the essence of faith and the reality of unification.

Self-dignity and Evil-resistance

Another aspect among the sublime qualities of Abul-Fadhl is self-dignity, and evil-resistance. He refused to live humiliated under the yoke of the Umayyad’s rule.

He set out for the holy fight in the battle-fields with his brother, Al-Hussain and declared that death under the shades of military tools is but happiness and living with the tyrants is but sheer boredom.


Among the other remarkable merits of Abul-Fadhl is his patience.

Calamities which have overwhelmed him during At-Taff Day could melt down mountains but he remained steadfast and didn’t lose patience, and uttered no word to show his discomfort as to what was happening to him and to all his family people.


Abul-Fadhl’s fidelity is of the noblest and of the most distinguished characteristics of his personality. He has surpassed the bounds in this noble privilege.

Mercy And Sympathy

The fountains of mercy and sympathy have been showered forth, out of Abul-Fadhl’s noble spirit, upon the down-trodden and the vulnerable.

This phenomenon has manifested itself in its most wonderful attire in Karbala when the Umayyad armies have occupied the basin of the Euphrates to deprive Ahlul-Bayt of water-to die or to yield to them.

Abul-fadhl In The Government Of Imam Ali (P.B.U.H.)

Muawiya has formally refused declaring pledge of allegiance to Imam Ali and announced war against him. They fought about 2 years in Siffin and after that there was another fight named An-Nahrawan.

Abul-Fadhl has witnessed, while in the prime of his youth, all the scenes of their great tragedy. But he did not take part in An-Nahrawan war nor in Siffin war.

Either because the Imam prevented him from participating in them as he also prevented some of his sons and a few of his close companions from having a share in them so as to keep them alive for other occasions.

The Caliphate Of Imam-Al-Hassan

Abul-Fadhl-el-Abbas had seen with both eyes what befell his upright brother Al-Imam Al-Hassan of the hard tribulations and disasters and witnessed the disloyalty and betrayal of the people of Al-Kufa to him and the denial of their allegiance to him.

With Hussain’s Revolution

Abul-Fadhl-el-Abbas followed the great Islamic Revolution which was erupted by his brother Al-Imam-el-Hussain.

That gigantic revolution which had been of the most significant world-wide revolutions and the most bounteous to the peoples of the world.

In Karbala

Abbas was the standard-bearer of the army of Sayyid al-Shuhada during the battle of Karbala. He also was in charge of supplying water for the kids and women in the army.

Abbas Supplying Ahlul-Bayt With Water

Before the day of Ashura, Abbas launched some heavy campaigns against the Euphrates and took some water for the kids and women accompanying Imam Hussain and quenched the deadly thirst of all the Ahlul-Bayt and saved them from this fatal disaster.

Ash-Shimr’s Security To AL-Abbas and His Brothers

Shimr bin Thel-Jawshan took the initiative of granting security for Abul-Fadhl and his glorified brothers from Ibn Marjana in order to separate them from their brother.

But when Shimr mentioned that to Abu’lFadl and his brothers, he shouted at him, absolutely outraged at his bitter proposal saying: “Curse by upon you and your security!” Do you mean granting us our security while the grandson of the Messenger of Allah has got no security?” At this, the rogue fled from the scene totally upset, thinking what unique brothers al-Hussain has.

The Killing Of abul-fadhl’s Brothers

After the martyrdom of the companions and the youths of the holy household of Bani-Hashim, Abbas turned to his brothers and asked them to forward themselves as oblations for Allah’s religion and to do their best in their holy fight for Allah’s sake and his Messenger.  

All his brothers responded to the call of right and all at once advanced with power and will-into the battlefield to defend the Imam Al-Hussain. All three of them got martyred there.

The Martyrdom Of Abul-Fadhl Al-Abbas

Then the Imam wanted him to go and seek water for the children first. Subservient to the request of the Imam, he rushed forward towards those brutal and filled his skin with water.

When Abul-Fadhl (P.B.U.H.) felt the loneliness of his brother, he asked him for permission to fight but the Imam did not permit him and said in a sorrowful tone: “You are my standard-bearer.”

Back To Tent’s

On the way back to Imam’s tents, a savage rogue, namely, Al-Hakeem binet-Tufail hit his right hand and then his left hand and cut them off.

Abul-Fadhl bore the skin with his teeth and started running along to get the water to the thirsty members of Ahlul-Bayt.

But the skin was hit with a treacherous arrow which caused the spilling of the whole water and the hero stood there bewildered and sorrowful as the spilling of the water was more harmful to him than the loss of his both hands.

He instantly fell to the ground and bid his last farewell and greeting his brother, he said: “Peace be upon you Aba-Abdullah.

”The Imam made his way through the enemy armies and stood there beside his brother’s body and threw himself over his brother’s body-mixing tears of his eyes with the flowing blood along Abul-Fadhl’s forehead saying in the meantime. “Now my back has broken, my wit departed me and my enemy rejoiced at my misfortune”.

The loud cries of the Prophet’s holy family echoed in the remotest parts of Karbala desert over the loss of their guardians and protectors on that scorching eventful day.

“Peace Be Upon You”



Taken from “AL-Abbas bin Ali (P.B.U.H.) The Staunch Advocate of Dignity andSacrifice in Islam” by Ash-Sheikh-Baqir Sharif-el-Qarashi

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