What did Abbas do in Karbala incident ?

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In this article we talk about the martyrdom of Hazrat Abbas in karbala incident .

The history of mankind has seen people who, not only in their time but in all times and places, have created a revolution in the behaviors and thoughts of the people towards human values and knowledge, so they could be a good model for all freedmen and truth-seeking people of the world. These people, having superior human characteristics, were able to grow in all aspects in a way that the greatest human beings long for. Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas is an example of these prominent people of the time who, under the teachings of Islam, were able to reach the highest level of knowledge and morality and spiritual world.
Abbas was a true servant of God, and God could be seen in his deeds, and it so happened that he excelled in the history of Karbala incident , and his name was mixed with titles such as Abu al-Fadl, Sarullah, Qamar Bani Hashim, Bab al-Hawaij, etc.

Today, in society, when they want to mention a great figure like Abbas, it is reflected in aspects such as his height, beauty, face, courage and bravery. But they have higher aspects that it is better to pay more attention to them. Aspects that caused him to reach a position where the whole city would be jealous of his position from the beginning to the end. And this should not be summed up only in his courage and fighting … Abbas was a servant of God and it is because of this that he is a servant of God who reaches a high and exalted position.


abbas ibn ali


Abbas is a sincere servant of God during Ashura, who is with his Imam at the peak of the Karbala incident
Abbas is a sincere servant of God during Ashura, who is with his Imam at the height of the Karbala incident and in those painful moments, Hussein is killed in the era of Ashura and the karbala incident ends with the captivity of Hussein’s family, but the story of Abbas in Ashura is the story of toleration and everyone who gets acquainted with the story of Ashura is fascinated by the tolerationand heroism of this commander of Hussein’s army.

But the story of his brotherhood with Hussein during the Ashura incident is another story in itself. Abbas is a younger brother and sacrifices himself for Hussein to reach the god. Hussein was the Imam of his time and Abbas obeyed him until his death.

Now, after Abbas’s death, when we review incidents of Ashura, we see that Abbas was also fighting manfully on the battlefield … “Safwan Ibn Abtah”, who had come to fight him, was wounded after a few encounters, But Abbas’ forgiveness gives him life again.
Or when “Abdullah Ibn Aqaba Ghanavi” comes to fight Abbas, he kindly says to him: “You did not know that you will face me in this war, because of the friendship of our fathers, stop fighting me and come back.”


karbala incident


Abbas’s benevolence did not affect him and he went to war. Less than an hour later, he was defeated and fled the battlefield.

In war, he only listens to Hussein’s orders and does not show any will.
In the year 61 AH, when Hussein was about to leave Mecca, many friends and scholars of the time came to Hussein’s service and said why do you want to go, why do not you consider the religious issues, ie saving lives. These people spoke to the Imam according to divine laws and rules and did not say anything wrong. But they did not notice that Hussein, the Imam of their time, is the Caliph of God … and his duty is something else.
Abbas knew this and it was so that on the Day of Ashura, He obeyed Hussein
On the Day of Ashura, Abbas, while watching a fierce and unequal battle and seeing how the companions and children of the Ahl al-Bayt fell to the ground and were torn to pieces in the brutal attack of the bloodthirsty enemy, did not utter a word and waited in silence for his orders. He stood up in hatred and said nothing.

We have all read or heard that when Hurr separates from the enemy army and comes to the tent, he stands in front of Hussein and expresses his regret, and then asks for permission to go to war and goes to the battlefield. In other words, Hurr spoke and acted of his own free will. But Abbas, with a noble demeanor, in strict silence, is commissioned to bring water. The beauty of behavior is that he knows Hussein and considers him an Imam, and therefore not only the ruler of the scene ahead, but also the ruler of all the worlds, and like a slave, he looks only at his deity and has no opinion of himself…
Hussein gathers the Ahl al-Bayt and his companions on the night of Ashura and asks them to go out in the dark of night. They want me, so take your life and go ….

Hussein gathers the Ahl al-Bayt and his companions on the night of Ashura and asks them to go out in the dark of night. They are working with me, so take your life and go ….
But first of all, Abbas said to Hussein: Why should we leave you? To survive after you? May we never see such a day!


Abbas ibn Ali shrine


Abbas’s loyalty to Hussein was not hidden from anyone, and everyone knew that Abbas was not the one to leave his brother behind. But with all these descriptions, an incident on the night of Ashura hurt Abbas’s heart, where they brought a letter of protection for Qamar Bani Hashem.
Abdullah ibn Abi al-Mahal is the son of the brother of Umm al-Banin, Abbas’s mother, who was in the infidel army. He shouted loudly, “Where are our sister’s children?” He named Jafar, Abbas, Abdullah and Uthman …. Hussein told his brothers to answer him, even though he was a sinner. They came and said: What do you say? what do you want?
He said: Why do you kill yourself? You are safe, do not kill yourself with your brother, obey Yazid to be safe.

But Abbas replied: O Shamar, may God kill you and curse you, may God curse what you have brought, O enemy of God, you are telling us to come and obey the enemies of God and leave our brother’s help, They also rejected this and left. Abbas’s whole being is a sacrifice. Abbas does not see anything in himself called me, all that is to be dissolved in Hussein.
Abbas’s whole being is a sacrifice. Abbas does not see anything in me called me, all that is to be unified in Hussein. He has reached the level of understanding that Hussein is his Imam and must be obedient. He is the one who taught the other sons of Amal al-Banin that one should give one’s life to Hussein in order to reach God


The martyrdom of Hazrat Abbas in karbala incident


According to some sources, after the martyrdom of all the companions and family of Bani Hashem, Abbas intended to bring water for the tents. He attacked the Euphrates Sharia and was able to reach the water from among the Sharia guards. On the way back, the enemy attacked him. He was fighting the enemy in the grove and was going to the tents when Zayd ibn Waqa Jahani jumped out from behind the palm and hit his right hand. Abbas took the sword in his left hand and continued to fight the enemy … until Hakim ibn Tufayl Ta’i struck him in the left hand and martyred him.
Now Abbas is killed and Hussein appears on top of his brother’s body and cries. Now that Abbas is gone, Hussein is left alone with tents on fire….
Abbas was the basis of Hussein’s army. Abbas was the flag bearer of Hussein’s Ashura corps, At noon on Ashura, when Abbas fell from his horse, Hussein’s back was broke.

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