What happened to Zaynab and the captives inside palace of Ibn Ziad?

karbala incident

In this article, we talk about what happened to Hazrat Zaynab and other prisoners inside palace of Ibn Ziad.

-Zaynab is the daughter of Ali and Fatima.
-Zaynab is the granddaughter of Muhammad Rasool.
-Zaynab is the sister of Hassan, Hussain, Abbas, etc.
-Zaynab, mother of Aoun and Mohammad, martyrs of Karbala.
-Zaynab is the wife of Abdullah ibn Ja’far.

-Zaynab’s actions in Karbala
-Keeping the Imamate alive
-Supporting Hussain in the Karbala war
-conveying Hussain’s message to history


Supervision of captives in Kufa and Sham


Finally, it was Zaynab’s sons. Zaynab herself put the armor on her sons and told them that if Hussain did not allow you to go to the battlefield, swear to her mother Zahra, then she would definitely accept. Lady Zaynab’s sons went to the battlefield in this way. The two young and brave men fought with Omar Saad’s troops and became martyrs one after another.
whoever was martyred in Hussain’s army, Zaynab would come out of the tent and offer her condolences to her brother Hussain and give her brother oriflamme, but this time when the news of her sons were martyred, Zaynab went to her tent and closed the door. Zaynab, the hero of Ashura, had promised herself not to be broken in great calamities, she showed by this that she did not want her brother Hussain to be ashamed. (In fact, he raised these two boys to become martyrs of his religion and Imam)
Eventually, all of Hussain’s companions and family went and were martyred, and Hussain was left alone. Hussain decided to fight, called his sister Zaynab and asked her not to cry after he left, and to support the women and children of the tents like a mountain… and Sajjad is sick and the Imamate is with him, so he should not be killed. Imam Hussain went to war and when that ruthless and hideous enemy was martyring Hussain, Zaynab was watching everything and immediately shouted: Woe to you! There are no Muslims among you?!
Enemy soldiers were coming to the tents of Hussain’s family to loot and plunder … It was then that she realized he did not even have time to cry for her brother. So, as Hussain had asked her, she went back to the tents to protect the women and children, and especially Sajjad, her nephew, who was ill. Enemy soldiers set fire to the tents, one of the savage soldiers wanted to kill Sajjad, but Zaynab quickly threw herself between the soldier and Sajjad and said: “If you want to kill Hussain’s son, you must kill me first.” The cruel soldier raised his sword, but one on the other shouted: Be ashamed! We did not come to kill women!


shrine of Hazrat Zaynab


No grief in the world was and is not as great as Zaynab’s grief in that day. All the men of his family were martyred in front of her eyes in one day. the enemy captured all the women and children and took them on camels to Kufa. To the palace of Obaidullah Ibn Ziad… People had gathered in the alleys and when the convoy of prisoners came, a woman came forward and said: Who are you? One of the crowd said: The family of the Prophet! People were shocked and started crying. Imam Sajjad said: If you are crying for us, then who were the ones who killed our family?! Zaynab also said: You all betrayed Hussain! You deserve crying! In the Hereafter, a severe punishment awaits you. n between, someone said: Look, this is Zaynab, the daughter of Ali and the granddaughter of the Prophet, who is a prisoner. Zaynab continued: You devastated Prophet, you shed the blood of his family. You are a hypocrite! Everyone started crying. It became crowded there, and the soldiers, fearing that the people would break free and release the prisoners, quickly passed them through the alley and took them inside Ibn Ziad’s palace.
Inside the palace, Zaynab sat in a corner and the rest of the women and children sat around her. Obaidullah Ibn Ziad said with laughter and ridicule, how was it? What did God do to your brother?!
Zaynab gave a firm answer to him and said: I saw nothing but beauty! My brother and his companions were martyred in the way of God and their place is in heaven. This is you who should be afraid of that world. What do you want to answer the Prophet of God?! Ibn Ziad turned to Sajjad and said, “Who are you?” Sajjad replied: I am Hussain’s son. Ibn Ziad said sarcastically: Did not God kill Hussain? Sajjad said decisively: “People killed him, not God.” Ibn Ziad became angry and called the executioner to kill Sajjad. Again, Zaynab came forward like a hero and defended Sajjad and said that if you want to kill Imam Sajjad, you must kill me first. Do not scare us to death … how eager we are to die. How hard it was for Hussain’s family that night, to keep them in ruins, they were not fine. All their relatives had been martyred and they themselves had been captured by a bunch of Infidels. Zaynab was a mountain of endurance, trying to comfort everyone and take care of the children.


the battle of karbala


The next day, the convoy of captives carrying the heads of the martyrs of Karbala in front of them moved towards Sham, Zaynab was disturbed, the children were making excuses, the captives were crying for the martyrs, the heat of the sun, they have been displaced for a few days and they did not sleep, they were whipping the captives … They arrived in Damascus, and people gathered in the streets to see foreign prisoners, they were insulting the captives…
Yazid was in his golden and green palace and had invited all the elders to witness his victory. They took the captives into the palace with their hands tied, and the crowd was large … They put Hussain’s head in front of Yazid, and the cruel Yazid hit and insulted Hussain on the head and face with a stick in his hand. The women and children of Hussain’s convoy began to cry, when suddenly Zaynab got up and said in a loud voice: What did you think? Did you think that taking us from one city to another like a captive is a sign of our smallness and your greatness? Are you happy with these actions now? You were the one whose father fought with my father and whose father (Abu Sufyan) also fought with the Prophet of God. Of course, a person like you should be just as happy, but you will soon reach your father and grandfather in hell. That world, the Prophet asks God to punish you severely for what you did …
The time has come for me to talk to you, otherwise you are too low to talk to me. The blood of Muhammad’s family is flowing from your hands. We are your captives now, but that world I complain to God about you and your deeds. God is our best shelter. Everyone was silent, there was no sound from any of them. Yazid, who had gathered the people and wanted to be happy about his victory over Hussain, but Zaynab discredited him. Zaynab gave a speech and made it clear to everyone that Yazid did not defeat the foreign people, but went to the battle of Hussain, the son of the Prophet, and killed him and took his family captive. When Yazid saw that the session was bad for him, he said: Yes … these words belong to Zaynab who has suffered a lot! And then he wanted to make the session funny, which was protested by some people. The women in the palace began to cry and complain. An old man said from the crowd: O Yazid! I remember the Prophet carrying Hassan and Hussain on his shoulders and saying that they were the lord of the youth of Paradise. Now you put Hussain’s head in front of you and insult him? There was a Jew in the audience who said in surprise: I cannot believe it! You killed the grandson of your prophet and are you happy?! After all these years, we respect whoever is the grandson of our Prophet … What kind of people are you?!
Yazid, like Ibn Ziad, when he saw the assembly, he had prepared to propagate himself and show the captives as apostates and irreligious, was scandalized by Zaynab’s scathing speech, and to his detriment, he quickly ordered the convoy of captives to leave the palace. The news of that assembly and the assembly of Kufa gradually spread among the people, and many people who did not know who Yazid and the Kufa army went to war with Zaynab’s speech, little by little realized what had happened and those who were killed were the family of the Prophet. Zaynab informed many people of her time with her patience and brave speeches. It is true that Zaynab was not martyred, but what she did was no less than martyrdom.
And now the Muslim man and woman understands who Zaynab is in Islam, Zaynab in history is a lioness who, by conveying the message of the martyrs of Karbala, causes the Yazidis of history to be discredited. Zaynab is the model of that ideal society that can fight against any oppression and injustice, and be the victorious sword of its people.
If Zaynab did not tell the message of Karbala to history, Karbala will remain in history and those who needed this message will be deprived of it throughout history, and those who speak with their blood to all generations, no one will hear them.


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