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karbala incident

Introduction to Those who survived the Karbala incident Including Zahak


In this article, we will introduce Those who survived the Karbala incident Including Zahak.

There was no one left for Hussain, Abbas body was without head and arms,Habib, Zuhair, Barir, Horr, and other companions were martyred, Akbar, Qasim, Aoun, Jafar and the rest of the youth of Bani Hashem, even Ali Asghar, the baby, was killed. He has gone far from the tents to pray. Hussain looked this way and that, in all the vast plains, there was not a single person to defend him and the sanctuary of the prophet
Despite his loneliness and thirst, Imam Hussain turned to the battlefield and fought valiantly with thousands of enemy troops, sometimes attacking the right side of the enemy army and sometimes the left side of the army. Narrated by a member of the Kufa Corps; I did not see anyone who was attacked by so many enemies and his children and allies were killed, but he was so brave and courageous,
The men of the corps were attacking him, but he attacked them with a sword, scattering the army like a lion attacking a herd of goats, and then returned to his place. Omar Sa’d shouted at his troops: shame on you! Do you know who you are campaigning with?
This is the son of Ali and the son of the killer of the Arab heroes, attack him all together in all directions. He ordered all archers to attack Hussain in every possible angel and also some of them attacked him with stone.
The blows to Hussain’s body finally knocked him out, who was thirsty and tired. Some of the enemy infantry surrounded Imam Hussain One of them hit Hussain’s the head and his hamlet became torn and, and blood flowed., Shamar then attacked the tents with some of his troops. Shamar wanted to set those tents on fire. Hussain saw him and said:” “If you have no religion and are not afraid of Judgment Day, at least be free and fair in the world”.
The strongholds circled around the Imam to finish him, meanwhile Shamar approached Hussain and beheaded Hussain along with Sinan, and finally set fire to the tents…
Those who survive at the end of the war
Now that Hussain has been killed, there is no man left in Hussain’s army to fight, his army of tens of people has all been killed … but there were also people in this campaign who survived … who we are trying to introduce and how to survive.

Those who survived were either from Hussain’s family (Bani Hashemi) or from his allies.


1.Ali ibn Hussain (Sajjad):


Ali ibn Hussain was present in Karbala, but due to a serious illness he could not fight on the Day of Ashura, so on the evening of Ashura he was taken prisoner and sent to Sham. Together with his aunt Zaynab, he played a great role in enlightening the people about the Ashura uprising. He returned to Medina from Sham and lived in this city until 95 AH. Shiites believe that he is the fourth Imam, and he became the Imamate after the martyrdom of his father Hussain. He was one of Bani Hashem.


karbala incident


2.Hassan Ibn Al-Hassan:


He was the son of Hassan Mojtaba, and along with his uncle Hussain, he foughtwith the Kufa Corps until he fell to the ground due to his injuries. When the companions of Umar ibn Sa’d came to separate the heads, they saw that he had little strength. A man named Asma ‘ibn al-Kharijah, who was one of his maternal relatives, prevented him from being killed and took him with him to Kufa, where he treated his wounds until he healed, then returned to Medina from Kufa. He was one of Bani Hashem.


3.Omar Ibn Al-Hassan:


He is also one of the sons of Hassan Mujtaba who survived the Karbala incident. He is taken prisoner due to his young age. Reports of his presence in Karbala and his survival after the incident are mentioned in some sources. He was one of Bani Hashem.


4. Zayd ibn al-Hassan:


He was also one of the sons of Hassan Mujtaba, who was also taken as a prisoner to Sham and then to Medina. Some sources report his presence in Karbala. He lived for ninety years and was considered one of the elders of Bani Hashem, who was in charge of the charity of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for a long time. He was one of Bani Hashem.


5. Qasim ibn Abdullah:


Qasim is the son of Abdullah ibn Ja’far ibn Abi Talib and his mother was Om Valad. Qasim is one of the five people who survived on the Day of Ashura and were not martyred. Ghazi Nu’man, a fourth-century scholar, also mentions him among the captives of Karbala. No other information is available about him. Qasim was one of Bani Hashem.


6. Amr ibn Abdullah Jundai:


He was from the Hamdan tribe and after the arrival of Imam Hussain in Karbala and before the Day of Ashura, he joined Hussain’s army and on the Day of Ashura he rushed to the battlefield and fought with the Kufis. There is no detail about his life and there is an disagreement in how he martyred. Some have written that he was martyred in the first attack of Ibn Sa’d’s troops on Hussain’s companions. Others say he was wounded in the head and fell to the ground. People of his tribe and his cousins took his body from the scene and he was hospitalized with them for a year until he was finally martyred at the end of the year. He was one of Hussain’s companions.


7. Muhammad ibn Aqeel:


Muhammad ibn Aqeel is titled Asghar and his mother is Umm Walid. He married Zaynab Soghari, the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib, and had five children, Abdullah, Abdul Rahman, Qasim, Hussain and Aqeel. The descendant of Aqeel is left only among the children of Muhammad. Muhammad is one of the people who was not martyred in Karbala and was taken captive by Obaidullah Ibn Ziad. He was one of Bani Hashem.


8.Aqaba Ibn Saman:


Aqaba was Rabab’s servant and was in charge of serving and riding his horses. When Hussain was martyred, he mounted his horse and fled. The Kufis captured him. He was taken to Omar Sa’d, who was released after claiming to be Rabab’s servant. He returned to Medina. He was one of Hussain’s companions.


9. Zahak Ibn Abdullah Musharraf:


Zahak met with Imam Hussain in the middle of the way to Kufa. Hussain invited him to join. But but Zahak accepted Hussain’s invitation conditionally, saying, “I am a married man and I have a family indebted to people, but if you allow me, when no warrior is with you, I will return and fight for you as long as I would be usefull and could protect you”, and Hussain accepted. Zahak when he saw the Umayyad army targeting the horses of Hussain’s companions on the orders of Umar ibn Sa’d, He hid his horse in a tent and fought the enemy on foot. Zahak himself narrated that in front of Hussain, he killed two of the enemy who were fighting on foot, and cut off one of them’s arm, and Hussain prayed for him.
Zahak Ibn Abdullah himself quotes: “When I saw that Hussain’s companions had been killed and it was his turn and that of his family, or that he was left with nothing but Suwayd Ibn Amr Khatami and Bashir Ibn Amr Hazrami, I went to Hussain and said:”Do you remember what we agreed? Hussain said: Yes, I took my allegiance from you, but how can you escape from the enemy army? Zahak said: “I hid my horse in a tent and that is why I was fighting on foot.” So Zahak got on the horse and fled the battlefield. Zahak is one of the narrators of the Karbala incident in Kufa. He played an important role in keeping the Karbala uprising alive. He was one of Hussain’s companions.


Zahak Ibn Abdullah Musharraf and karbala


10.Ghulam Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdullah Ansari:


He is one of the narrators of what happened in Ashura. The joke of “Burir” on the night of Ashura has been narrated from him through two intermediaries.


11.Marqa Ibn Samameh Asadi:


Marqa Asadi Saidawi joined Hussain’s army in Karbala. On the Day of Ashura, he fought Hussain’s enemies until his arrows ran out and he fell to his knees due to his injuries Some of the people of Bani Assad rescued him from the battle and brought him to Kufa and hid him. When Ibn Ziad was informed of his condition by Umar Sa’d, he ordered to kill him. But with the mediation of a group from Bani Assad, Ibn Ziad refused to kill him. But he was chained and exiled to Zare (Bahrain). He finally died after a year of suffering.
But there is a narration that after four years that Yazid died and Obaidullah Ibn Ziad was dismissed from ruling Kufa, he returned to Medina He was one of Hussain’s companions.
12. Muslim Ibn Riyah: He was one of Hussain’s companions in Karbala and he provided a lot of nursing and help to Hussain during the war. After Hussain was killed, he survived and fled Karbala. Muslim Ibn Riyah is one of those who narrated parts of incidents of Karbala. He was one of Hussain’s companions.

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