Why did Karbala incident happen?

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In this article we talk about the karbala incident and We will answer the question of Why did karbala incident happen and become immortal? The bloody Karbala incident is not a war between two political rivals for the throne or the lands, it did not stem from the grudges of the two rival tribes over tribal privileges.
The karbala incident is in fact a vivid image of the struggle of two thought and ideology throughout the history, and the fire of this struggle has never been extinguished from the most distant times until today. This battle is the continuation of the struggle of all the prophets and reformist men of the world, in other words, the continuation of the battles of “Badr and the Ahzab”.
When the Prophet of Islam revolted, her opponents were the rich pagans and usurers of Mecca, and they all lined up and used all their forces, and the initiative of these anti-Islamic efforts was in the hands of Abu Sufyan.
But in the end, they knelt before the greatness of Islam and their army disintegrated completely. This collapse did not mean their eradication and destruction, but the Umayyads after the death of the Prophet, tried to penetrate the system of Islamic leadership, and the farther away the Muslims from the time of the Prophet, the more favorable they saw the situation.
Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, introduced Ali as his successor when he returned from the Farewell Pilgrimage on the 8th of Dhu al-Hijjah in the tenth lunar year in the Ghadir Khum. Those who present at the incident, in which the elders of the Companions were among them, pledged allegiance to Ali.
This introduction was according to God’s command in the verse of “Tabligh”. This verse instructed the Prophet to convey what God had revealed to him, and if he did not do so, he would not have fulfilled his mission. After the incident of Ghadir, the verse of “Al-Kamal” was revealed which said: “Today I have completed your religion and I have perfected my blessings upon you and I have liked the religion of Islam for you.”

Seventy days after the incident of Ghadir Khumm, the Prophet of Islam passed away, and some people, far from the words of the Prophet, gathered in the neighborhood of Saqifa Bani Saada and elected a leader for the Muslims.
Undoubtedly, the roots of the bloody Karbala incident must be traced back to the “Saqifa”, which happened after the death of the Prophet of Islam. Merit, piety and virtue were no longer important for the rule of Muslims, but its “tribal honor” was the criterion only in Quraysh. people participated in affairs without any superiority, and whoever was pious and knowledgeable was attracted, tribalism, race and language were not superior, So Arabs and non-Arabs, black and white, Quraysh and non-Quraysh, group by group converted to Islam.




With the demise of the Prophet, this tradition also changed and ethnicity gradually emerged, until it reached its peak during the time of the second caliph, and this is especially evident in the areas under Mu’awiyah’s influence. Ethnic prejudices replaced humanity, and this led to divisions and conflicts among the tribes. The unity and solidarity resulting from the human-centeredness gradually disappeared from the Muslims and there were no longer any signs of that united society. Imam Hussain rose up to unite all Muslims again.
After the demise of the Holy Prophet, discrimination began and reached its peak during the reign of the third caliph. After reaching the caliphate, Umar exalted the pioneers in Islam over others, as well as the Quraysh immigrants, over other immigrants and the general immigrants, over the Ansar and the Arabs over the non-Arabs, and the free people over the freed slaves. even said to Abu Bakr during his caliphate: “It is expedient for you to make a difference”, but Abu Bakr did not accept and said that this is against Quran.
Discrimination reached its peak when it was the turn of ‘Uthman. At that time,’ Uthman’s relatives were superior to all, and most of the treasury was divided among them. During the time of ‘Uthman, some of the “traditions of ignorance” which was ethnicity was revived, and Mu’awiyah entered the Islamic government and came to rule one of the most sensitive areas of Islam (Sham) with the help of people like Amr al-As He paved the way for the establishment of Islamic rule and the revival of all traditions of ignorance.

Mu’awiyah from the public property and treasury of the Muslims, which the first and second caliphs spent on strengthening the Islamic army and preparing weapons of war to defend Islam. He collected all kinds of fancy foods for himself and his companions. History clearly shows the fact that since the Umayyad domination of the Islamic world, the efforts of the Prophet and the warriors of the beginning of Islam in spreading the religion of God were destroyed, Islamic values were violated, heresy and immorality became commonplace.
Discrimination and injustice, oppression and cruelty, torture and persecution of believers and looting, spending the treasury on illegitimate matters, lying and handing over the Islamic government to a person like Yazid, all indicated the disappearance of the name of the Messenger of God.
Therefore, the deviation from pure Islam, which began with the story of Saqifa, intensified in the era of Mu’awiyah’s domination. it was so severe that a chaste man like Ali warns Muslims that the same conditions of the age of “ignorance” are returning, and emphasizes that I, like the Prophet, rose up to destroy ignorant thoughts and behavior, rather than opportunities. Lose, wake up and return to the straight path of God and the enlightened way of the Holy Prophet.


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Of course, Mu’awiyah tried to achieve his goals by maintaining his religious appearances and behind the scenes of hypocrisy. However, as his dominance grew stronger, his audacity and intrigues became more apparent, yet he still carried titles such as “Khal al-Mu’minin,” “Companion of the Prophet,” and “Writer of Revelation.”
Mu’awiyah, the ideological leader of the Umayyads, during his conquest of Iraq in his sermon in Kufa said: “I did not come to you to pray and fast, I have come to rule over you, whoever opposes me, I will destroy him.


Yazid’s speech in the Karbala incident


And Yazid, while watching the heads of freedmen who were martyred in Karbala, says: “I wish my ancestors who were killed in Badr battle were here and saw the scene of my revenge on Bani Hashem” All of this was evidence of the nature of this “reactionary and anti-Islamic” movement, and the further it went, the more blunt and acute it became.


Hussain’s prophecy at this point in time


At this time Hussain’s prophecy was to uprise. and how well he knew his way, and how oppressively he set out on this path. Hussain could be silent and say nothing, but he is not a man of negligence, he was raised in a pure realm, it is not acceptable for him to remain silent. In order to remove the mask from the face of the Umayyads, he goes to Karbala, to expose the Umayyad ignorance in Karbala
Karbala happened because Hussain saw that they wanted to change the path of Islam. Hussain saw discrimination and injustice, oppression and tyranny, plunder and looting in the Umayyad rule, and the best place to expose all of those is Karbala and there he goes.

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