How Did They Kill Abbas ibn Ali?

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Abbas ibn Ali was son of Ali and Brother of Hussain. He was commander oh Hussain’s army and was a superman in the history of bravery and one of the strongest supports of Hussain was martyred, in Karbala in 61 AH. In just a few hours from the Day of Ashura, Abbas ibn Ali created the most beautiful image of loyalty and self-sacrifice.

Complete obedience to God, the Prophet, not failing to strive in the path of truth, not failing in the face of the Imam of his time, are clear signs of the perfection of human qualities and virtues of Abbas ibn Ali as a perfect human being.

Ali, the Shiite leader, married Umm al-Banun about ten years after Fatima’s death, and Abbas ibn Ali was the result of this marriage. His birth was written on the 4th of Sha’ban in the year 26 AH.


The martyrdom of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas ibn Ali


Abbas ibn Ali Ibn Ali was the flag bearer of Imam Hussain’s army. When he saw that all his friends, brothers and cousins were martyred, he cried and eagerly came forward to meet God and took the flag and asked his brother Hussain for permission to go to the battlefield.

Hussain, who was very saddened by the separation of his brother, cried so hard that his bear became wet and he said: “Dear brother” you are the simbol of glory and majesty and the establishment of my army and the core of unity of our people. If you go and get killed, our army will be scattered and destroyed. Abbas ibn Ali said: ” Dear Brother I am so tired of life; I want to take revenge on these hypocrites for that pure blood”

Hussain said: Brother, now that you are going to fight, prepare water for these children. Abbas ibn Ali went to the field and preached to them and feared the punishment of God, but it did not work. He returned to his brother and reported the story, when suddenly he heard the thirst of the children. He immediately got on his horse, picked up his spear and waterskin, and set out for the Euphrates.
Four thousand Euphrates agents besieged him and targeted him with spears, but he bravely split the enemy army and killed eighty of them and entered the Euphrates.

When he wanted to drink some water, he remembered the thirst of Hussain and his family, poured water on the water, and filled it with waterskin. Then he put the waterskin on his right shoulder and went to the tent and said: O soul. Life after Hussain is worthless, so do not live after him. This is Hussain who is going to become martyr, and you want to drink cold and refreshing water?! Such an act is not either in my religion or a righteous man.


Abu al-Fadhl shrine


Ibn Sa’d’s cruel army surrounded him, Abbas ibn Ali bravely attacked in the middle while he was saying:” When death comes, I am not going to afraid of it, until the swords make me fall on the ground have made my life the shield of the son of the Prophet. I am the Abbas ibn Aliid who must take water, and I am not afraid of the difficulty of the battle.

The enemy was terrified and couldn’t faca him, so they were lurking behind the trees. “Nofel Arzeq” cut off the right hand of Abbas ibn Ali. He placed the waterskin on his left shoulder and took the flag and sword in his left hand and said:” I swear by God! Although you cut off my right hand, I always support my religion and I support my rightful Imam who is the son of a trustworthy Prophet.

Nufal Arzaq and Hakim ibn Tufayl then attacked Abbas ibn Ali from the ambush and cut off his left hand. He sticks the flag in his chest and said: “O self, do not be afraid of infidels, Glad tidings of the mercy of God that compensates for the companionship with the great and chosen prophet. They cut off my left hand oppressively, may God burn them in hell.

Then he took the waterskin with his teeth and not long after an arrow hit the waterskin and water fell on the ground. Another arrow hit his chest and some narrated another arrow landed on his eyes. A man from the tribe of Bani Tamim hit him on the forehead with an iron pole and fell off his horse. He shouted loudly: “Brother help me”
When Imam Hussained reached he was martyred and he cried over his body.

It is also narrated that when Abolfazl Abbas ibn Ali was martyred, his brother Hussain said:” Now I am devastated and the solution is limited to me. Then he cried and said:”O worst of people, you violated us with cruelty and encountered with The Holy Prophet’s religion.

Did not the best prophet put us in good words?” Are we not the descendants of the true Prophet? Is it excepting that my mother Fatima is the daughter of the Prophet of God? Was she not of the generation of the best of men?
You were cursed and humiliated for the crime you committed, and soon you will be caught in the fire of the divine flame. The cutting off of Abbas ibn Ali’s two hands from the body has been confirmed in a narration by Sajjad ibn Hussain. Sajjad was present in Karbala, but he could not go to the battlefield due to his serious illness. He was one of those who survived Karbala battle, and since he witnessed all the events of Karbala, his narration is acceptable.

Sajjad Ibn Hussain says about his uncle’s great sacrifice: “May God have mercy on Abbas ibn Ali, Ali’s son, who sacrificed and tested well and sacrificed his life for his brother until his two hands were cut off …
According to some reports, Hakim ibn Tufayl looted Abbas ibn Ali after his martyrdom.

The tomb of Abbas ibn Ali in Karbala is one of the Shiite shrines. This shrine is located in the northeast of the shrine of Husayn ibn Ali and the distance between the two is called “Beyn al-Haramein” Now, the shrine of Abbas ibn Ali has become a center for lovers of spirituality and his holy shrine may be a place for praying so that needy hands of will raise to God and be resorted with the name of Abbas ibn Ali.
Where are people like Yazid to see that Abbas ibn Ali is known as symbol of love and friendship, and his tomb is Pilgrimaged every day and they are cursed and insulted by people every day. Abbas ibn Ali’s is still alive and he is the role model of freedmen.

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