How Hazrat Zaynab Passed Away?

hazrat Zaynab Shrine

In this article we talk about the How Hazrat Zaynab Passed Away.

According to the famous narration, Hazrat Zaynab passed away on the 15th of Rajab in the year 62 AH, but how that lady died, that is, martyrdom or death, is one of the questions that, like the day of her death and the place of her burial, is a point of contention.
According to some writings, Hazrat Zaynab came to Medina after the great and bloody event of Ashura and after entering Medina, she was constantly mourning and crying until she died after a year and a half in that place and was buried (Baqiya Cemetery. There is no trace of the tomb of the precious lady now.
According to some possibilities, after entering Medina, Hazrat Zaynab spoke in assemblies and circles and recounted the atrocities and crimes of the Yazidis. The governor of Medina wrote the story to Yazid and he ordered Zaynab to be chosen so that she could go to any city she wanted (except Mecca and Medina). Zanib went to Sham and stayed there, and after a while they died there.
What can be deduced from history is that the construction of this tomb is very old. It even existed in the second century, because the noble lady, Seyedeh Nafiseh, the wife of Ishaq Motman, son of Jafar Sadegh, came to visit this holy shrine.
According to another narration,  Hazrat Zaynab was forced to leave Medina due to revelations against the Umayyad regime. So, they chose Egypt and died there after living for a while. Zaynab is now a magnificent shrine in Cairo. But it is said that this tomb belongs to Hazrat Zaynab bint Yahya Ibn Hassan Al-Anwar Ibn Zayd Ibn Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib.


How Hazrat Zaynab passed away?


Hazrat Zaynab is a lady who is less seen not only in women, but also in men of the world. A capable lady who was the supreme example of courage and bravery, knowledge and insight, sufficiency and wisdom, spiritual strength and discernment, and performed well in every one of the various social tasks she undertook. Lady Zaynab Kobra was the third child of Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatemeh Zahra and the wife of Abdullah ibn Ja’far and one of the captives of the family of Hussain in the Karbala incident.
There is disagreement on the date and how of her death, but it is known that that precious lady died on the 15th of Rajab in the year 62 AH, after enduring the sufferings of Karbala and the sufferings of captivity due to illness at the age of 57. There are three views on the burial place of Lady Zaynab. Baqiya Cemetery in Medina, Cairo, Egypt and Damascus have been mentioned for the burial place of that lady, for various reasons. However, according to the historical evidences and documents, Sham’s view has convincing evidences, and the other two views have many drawbacks.


Hazrat Zaynab mourning in Sham


After the Karbala incident, in order to acquit himself, Yazid sought to appease and caress the family of the Prophet in order to calm the feelings of the Muslim people of Syria, who were strongly incited against him and feared an explosion and a revolution from this area. He asked Zina al-Abedin and women and after apologizing and expressing remorse and regret for the recent events and putting the responsibility of these events on the shoulders Ziad’s sons and others, He told them that you can now stay in Sham with full dignity and respect or return to your hometown, Medina
The family of the Prophet, knowing that this proposal of Yazid was not made except out of compulsion and fear of the reaction of the people of Sham, and had no purpose other than demagoguery, again took advantage of this short opportunity, and in order to complete their historical mission to They said: “First, let us go free to mourn for our dead, because since the martyrdom of our loved ones, they have not allowed us to cry and shed tears for them.”


Sayyida Zaynab Shrine


The formation of such an assembly clearly led to further disgrace to Yazid and the Umayyads, and complemented previous assemblies and propaganda and speeches. Because Yazid himself had promised to agree to their every request, he had to give a place to the family of the Prophet and a mourning ceremony for Hussain was held next to Yazid’s palace. The mourner of the parliament was mostly Lady Zaynab Kobra. This is one of the poetic laments of that lady in the said session:” The demons were trying to destroy family of Prophet by killing Hussain and Hassan, two. Loved ones of prophet hey knew that Hussain was the grandson of the Messenger of God, but they beheaded him thirsty, and they speared him. They knew that Hussain was the grandson of the Messenger of God, but they beheaded him thirsty, and they speared him. Hadn’t the Prophet kiss Hussain on the forehead, but the infidel people shot him on the forehead …

With the formation of the assembly, there was a commotion in Sham and women and others in groups came to the house to offer condolences to Zaynab Kobra and Hussain’s other survivors and she also explained the details of Hussain’s martyrdom and other sufferings to them in the form of prose and poetry for women. The assembly became so successful that even the women of Abu Sufyan, including Hande Yazid’s wife , went to greet them and were kissing hands and feet of the daughters of the Messenger of God and weeping and wailing. . This session lasted for seven days and three days according to the narration.


Sending Captives to Medina


Yazid soon realized that the continued residence of them in Sham was worsening his situation day by day, so he had to prevent it from continuing under various headings, and according to some, they preferred to go to Medina rather than stay in Sham. Yazid, who was waiting for such an opportunity, sent them to Medina immediately. Various historical sources and opponents have said that Yazid ordered Nu’man ibn Bashir to provide the means for the captives to move from Syria to Medina in order to respectfully send them to Medina after all the calamities.
The convoy of Ahl al-Bayt prisoners was moved to Medina, but the exact time of the arrival of the convoy of Ahl al-Bayt to Medina is not clear. As the convoy of captives approached Medina, Ali ibn al-Hussain ordered the convoys to disembark from the camels, set up tents, and settle there. Then he said to Bashir Ibn Hazam: O Bashir! Enter Medina and inform the people about the martyrdom of Hussain and our arrival. Bashir says: “People, with sorrow and grief, quickly went to the place where the convoy was, and I returned there and I saw that the flood of people had blocked the roads.” I got out of the car and struggled to get to the tents. I saw that Ali ibn Hussain was still inside the tent. Then he came out of the tent with a cloth in his hand to wipe away his tears. Someone brought a stool and he sat on it, while tears were streaming down his cheeks. When people saw this scene, their cries were heard and the women and girls of Medina cried People came to the leader from all sides and offered their condolences, and the area was filled with cries and commotion.


Hazrat Zaynab kobra Shrine


Then the convoy of Ahl al-Bayt entered the city of Medina. As soon as she entered Medina, Hazrat Zaynab entered the Prophet’s Mosque with Hussain’s other women and daughters, and they had heartbreaking words with their ancestor.

” “Dear grandfather! “I brought you the news of my brother Hussain’s death.”
After the arrival of the Ahl al-Bayt in Medina, the people of Medina went in groups to offer condolences for the martyrdom of the sons of Bani Hashim and the two sons of Abdullah ibn Ja’far and Hussain to the house of Abdullah ibn Ja’far and Zaynab.

With the arrival of the Ahl al-Bayt in Medina, the city took on a unified form of mourning and wailing, and with each passing day of their arrival in the city, it seems that a new tragedy and a new situation for revolution against the central government of Sham was provided. so that after a year or two, the city of Medina rebelled against the Umayyads and Yazid in the “incident of Harra” and other cities such as Mecca and Kufa gradually opposed Yazid. But after about four years, the evil of this family, that is, the sons of Abu Sufyan, was removed from the Muslims, and the government was transferred to the Marwanis, and the prophecies of Aqila Bani Hashem about the rule of Yazid came true.

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hazrat Zaynab Shrine

How Hazrat Zaynab Passed Away?

In this article we talk about the How Hazrat Zaynab Passed Away. According to the famous narration, Hazrat Zaynab passed away on the 15th of

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