Was Imam Hussain Shiite Or Sunni?

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In this article, we have dealt with the issue of Imam Hussain being a Shiite or a Sunni.

 The Holy Prophet has left two things among his nation after himself
1-Quran 2-Atrat and Ahl al-Bayt (Ali, Fatemeh, Hassan and Hussain)


Farewell Pilgrimage


in the continuation of the discussion that Imam Hussain is a Shiite or a Sunni I must say that According to the divine order, in the incident of Ghadir Khum in the tenth year of the Hijrah, The Holy Prophet decided to visit Kaaba and perform Hajj, so he informed the people about this and even sent messengers to inform other people in different regions.
The messengers of Muhammad, as the Holy Prophet had announced, conveyed the message to the people that this is the last Hajj and this journey is very important. Whoever is capable and has the ability, it is necessary for him to accompany Prophet on this journey. Although The Holy Prophet, accompanied by some of his men, had already performed the Hajj Umrah, but this is the first and only time in his life that, by divine command, Muhammad decided to perform and teach the rites of Hajj. After this, large crowds gathered in Medina to accompany The Holy Prophet and perform the Hajj. Historians and experts refer to this journey as “Farewell Pilgrimage”, ” Hajj Al-Balagh”, “Hajj Al-Kamal”, and “Hajj Al-Tamam”.
In Arafat, a divine order was revealed to transfer the knowledge of the prophets to Ali ibn Abi Talib and to introduce him as his successor. In Mina, the Prophet delivered his first sermon, which was in fact a prelude for Ghadir’s sermon. In this sermon, He first referred to the social security of Muslims in terms of lives, property and honor of people, and then he officially pardoned the unjustly shed blood and taken property in ignorance time in order to eliminate grudges and prepare the situation for securing society. Then he warned people not to quarrel and draw their swords on each other after him. He further said that ” If I would not be, Ali Ibn Abi Talib will stand against the violators”. And then he narrated the hadith al-Thaqalayn” left among you two treasures which, if you cling to them, you shall not be led into error after me. One of them is greater than the other: The book of God [Quran], which is a rope stretched from Heaven to Earth, and [the second one is] my progeny, my Ahl al-Bayt. These two shall not be parted until they return to the Pool [of Abundance in Paradise]”.

The revelation on The Holy Prophet

The Hajj was over and the Prophet set out for Medina, while a large group of people chased him, all except those who had joined him in Mecca. When the convoy reached Ghadir Khum, the angel of revelation landed and ordered the Prophet to stop. Prophet ordered everyone to stop moving and the residues arrived.
The convoys were surprised at the sudden and seemingly untimely stop in this area during hot afternoon when the sun was very hot. The people said to themselves: A great command has come from God, and in the importance of the command, it is enough that he has given a mission to the Prophet to stop everyone from moving and to convey the command of God. God’s command was revealed to the Holy Prophet during the following verse:
” O, Messenger! Proclaim that which has been sent down to you from your Lord, and if you do not you will not have proclaimed His message and Allah shall protect you from people, indeed Allah do not guide the faithless lot.”
The Prophet came to the crowd and stood on a high pulpit which was made from seats of the camels and delivered a sermon aloud as follows:
” Praise be to God. We ask Him for help, and we believe in Him, and we trust in Him, and from the evil of our souls and the evil of our deeds, we seek refuge in a God who has no guide for the misguided except Him. The God who guided anyone is not misleading. We bear witness that there is no god but He, and that Muhammad is the servant of God and His Messenger. Hey people I am about to leave you. I am responsible and you are responsible too. What do you think about me?”
The companions of the Prophet said: “We bear witness that you preached the religion of God and did good deeds and advice to us, and in this way, you tried very hard, God to give you a good reward.”
The Prophet said again: “Do you testify that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the servant of God and His Prophet? Heaven, hell, and death are true, and judgment day will undoubtedly come, and God will resurrect those who are hidden in the dust. The companions of the Prophet said: Yes, yes, we testify.”
in the continuation of the discussion of being Shiite or Sunni The Prophet continued: I leave among you two precious things, the greater is Book of God (Quran), one side of which is in the hands of God and the other side is in your hands. Hold his book firmly so that you do not go astray, and the other is my Atrat and Ahl al-Bayt (Ali, Fatemeh, Hassan and Hussain). God has informed me that my two relics will not be separated until the judgment day. O people, do not surpass the Book of God and my Atrat and Ahl al-Bayt (Ali, Fatemeh, Hassan and Hussain and fall behind them so that you will not be destroyed.
At this time, the Prophet took Ali’s hand and raised it, until the white under his armpit appeared to everyone, and everyone saw Imam Ali next to Prophet and recognized him well, realized that purpose of this gathering was something related to Ali.
The Prophet said:” O people, who is the most deserving of the believers than themselves? The companions replied, God and His Prophet know better. The Prophet continued: God is my Mawla and I am the Mawla of the believers and I am the first and most deserving of them. O people, “He whose mawla I am, Ali is his mawla.”
The Holy Prophet repeated this last sentence three times and then continued: “Lord, love the one who loves Ali and make the enemy the one who makes Ali the enemy. O God, help Ali’s companions and contempt his enemies, O Lord, make Ali the axis of truth”. Then he added: “it is necessary for those present to inform the absentees and inform others about this.”
The glorious community was still there when the angel of revelation descended and announced to the Holy Prophet that God had completed his religion today and bestowed His blessings on the believers.
The Prophet came down from his place and his companions, in groups, congratulated Ali and called him their leader and the leader of every believing man and woman.
Seventy days later, the incident of Ghadir Khum, the Prophet of Islam, dies and the Islamic community mourns. Ali, who was introduced as Muhammad’s successor in Ghadir Khum, was busy burying the Prophet of Islam. In the Saqifa of Bani Saadeh neighborhood, Ansar and Muhajir gather and choose Abu Bakr from among themselves to lead the Islamic community, and Muhajir and Ansar do not follow the words of the Messenger of God Muhammad.

hussain ibn ali tomb


Conclusion about Imam Hussain being a Shiite or a Sunni

I have to say about Imam Hussain being a Shiite that We have nothing to do with the issue of Ali’s succession after the death of the Prophet, In this article, according to the incident of Ghadir Khum, which announced that I will leave two things as a memory among you, 1- Quran 2- Atrat and Ahl al-Bayt. I want to say that Hussain himself was a Shiite.
Atrat and Ahl al-Bayt that the Prophet leaves in memory are Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain. They were the family of the Prophet. Ali is the one who slept in the Prophet’s bed when he was young so that he could leave Mecca at night. Ali participated in all the Prophet’s wars with the infidels of Mecca.
In Ghadir, the Prophet asked the Muslim people to be Ali’s Shiites, and he took allegiance from the people to Ali in Ghadir, but the people soon forgot their allegiance to Ali …
Hussain is the grandson of the Prophet of Islam. He is the family of the Prophet that has been left among the people. Hussain is the Imam of the Shiites, who has left a red line of martyrdom among his people.
Some argue that Shiites were formed after the time of The Holy Prophet and Sunni which is not wright. By choosing Ali in Ghadir, he learned …

imam hussain tomb in karbala


a story about Shiite

There is story about Shiite and Sunni in history which is good to read:
The powerful king was sitting on the throne. Sunni scholars circled on ground around it, and a debate was set up to reveal the truth. Suddenly someone carrying shoes entered, and he sat down right next to the king. They said: We told that the Shiites are foolish and show their politeness …
The Shiite person said: “I acted according to the tradition of the Prophet and sat in an empty place”.
They said:” Have you not seen in the king’s session? He replied: “Yes, Abu Hanifa stole the Prophet’s shoes one day, I was afraid that his followers would steal mine” The Hanafis were upset. He said: “I forgot that he was the owner of the thief”. They shouted again. He said: “So surely Shafi’i or Ahmad ibn Hanbal, the thief of the Prophet’s shoes”, all the Sunni scholars objected with one voice: “None of these cases were born at all during the time of the Prophet”. The king was surprised. The Shiite scholar said: ” O King! They took their religion from people who were born after the Prophet. But the Shiites have taken their religion from Ali, who has been a friend and companion of the Messenger of God before the mission”.
Shiite ideology and following Ali ibn Abi Talib and his infallible children are the lasting legacy of the Messenger of God and a way to prosperity for the Islamic society.

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