What did Zaynab Kobra do in the battle of Karbala?

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In this article, we will talk about the role of Hazrat Zaynab Kobra in the battle of karbala . Zaynab Kobra was born to embarrass patience, Zaynab, the myth of history, came to astonish love with a clear moment, she came to teach truth and fidelity to the world and to show sobriety and dignity. She had come to fulfill his mission, to be with his brother, the elder of Hussaini’s convoy and the mourner of the captives. She had come to be the loud cry of the oppressed, a cry whose echo can still be heard beyond history by the hearts of the oppressed.

Zaynab Kobra is the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib, and Fatima (daughter of Muhammad, the Messenger of God). Zaynab Kobra was born on the fifth of Jamadi al-Awal in the sixth year according to 628 or according to the narration on the fifth day of the fifth year of the Hijrah, according to 627 AD. She was born after the peace of Hudaybiyyah and two years after the birth of Hussain ibn Ali.

According to Shiite narrations, when Zaynab Kobra was born, because Muhammad was traveling, Fatima asked her husband Ali to choose a name for their child. Ali replied: I will not overtake your father, let us wait for the Prophet to return from the trip. When Muhammad returned and heard the news of Fatima’s baby’s birth, he said: Fatima’s children are my children, but God decides about them.

After that, Gabriel came down and sent a message that God greeted him and said: Give the name of this girl Zaynab, whose name I have written on a safe tablet. Then the Prophet took Zaynab and kissed her and said: I advise everyone to respect this girl because she is like Khadija. Zaynab Kobra is a fragrant tree. And in Khwarezmshahi reserve, it means the purity of the people, the beauty of the appearance of the people, which is called Zaynab.



After reaching the age of marriage, Zaynab Kobra married the nephew of her father (her cousin) Abdullah ibn Ja’far ibn Abi Talib, who was five years older than her. Their marriage took place in the year 17 AH. In many sources, four sons named Ali, Aoun, Abbas and Muhammad and a daughter named Umm Kulthum are mentioned as the children of Zaynab Kobra and Abdullah. It is known that two of the martyrs of battle of Karbala (Aoun and Muhammad) were the children of Zaynab. Some of Ali’s children are called “Zaynabion”.

Mu’awiyah proposed to his son Yazid from Umm Kulthum, the daughter of Zaynab Kobra , but Hussain married her to his cousin Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Ja’far ibn Abi Talib.

This great lady had great strength of heart, eloquence, courage, asceticism and chastity, and Hussain stood up in his honor when he met her. Zaynab Kobra has narrated a hadith from her ancestor the Messenger of God (PBUH) and her father Amir al-Momenin and her mother Fatemeh. Zaynab’s speeches and sermons in Kufa, as well as in the court of Yazid, which were accompanied by arguments to the verses of the Qur’an, are considered to express her knowledge.

The position of guardianship and representation is one of the special privileges and characteristics of Zaynab Kobra . In the light of this high spiritual and human position, Zaynab Kobra has been in charge of the least experienced mission for a woman in history. In any case, the position, talent and knowledge of Zaynab, who is also called Aqileh Bani Hashem, is much higher than the position and talent of ordinary people.

Zaynab Kobra worshiped at night and never left worship during her life. He worshiped so much that she was titled “Abed Al-Ali”. Zaynab Kobra has been called the embodiment and symbol of beautiful patience. Zaynab has been called the embodiment and symbol of beautiful patience. Resistance in protecting the sanctity of religion, controlling one’s self in the face of adversity, not showing weakness against enemy, and not complaining in the presence of the people are among the characteristics of Zaynab’s patience. On the Day of Ashura, when she saw the bloody body of her brother, she said: “O God! Accept this sacrifice and in your path from the family of your prophet.”

Zaynab, the granddaughter of the Prophet, whose heart is the place of revelation of the Qur’an and the son of Ali, one of the commentators of the Qur’an, so it is not surprising that she was also a teacher and commentator of the Qur’an. According to various narrations, Zaynab Kobra interpreted the Qur’an for women in Kufa.

When Hussain left Medina for Mecca after refusing to pledge allegiance to Yazid, Zaynab Kobra also accompanied her brother with two of her children, Muhammad and Aoun. During the Ashura movement, the role of Zaynab’s sacrifices was great. During the Ashura incident, he endured the tragedy of losing his dearest people, namely his brothers, children and nephews, but she endured all these tragedies and in response to Ibn Zayyad’s ironic question, he asked: How did you find God’s work with your brother and family? Zaynab Kobra said: I saw nothing but goodness and beauty …

It is narrated that she put on his two children armor with her own hands and sent them both to the path of martyrdom alongside Hussain She also did not mourn the children after their martyrdom, because she considered these two sacrifices as too small for the great man, and she was worried that shame or sorrow would enter her beloved Hussain through her tears…

Zaynab Kobra took care of Zina al-Abedin and, due to his illness, was in charge of the convoy of prisoners and defended herself and her slain brother Hussain in a sermon at Yazid Palace. After Ashura, the captives were taken to Kufa, where they were returned in a deplorable condition. Upon arrival in Kufa, Zaynab Kobra delivered a sermon in the presence of Ibn Ziad to the audience, so that everyone was surprised and impressed. This speech is considered one of the most important sermons in defense of the legitimacy of Hussain ibn Ali.

Hudhaybn ibn Sharik al-Asadi says about Zaynab’s sermon: “I swear by God! I have not seen anyone like Zaynab Kobra capable of eloquence. As if she speaks the language of Ali. He threatened the people: Be silent! “With this scare, not only did the crowd remain silent, but the camels’ bells also rang!”

Zaynab Kobra began her sermon with praise to God and peace be upon the Prophet (PBUH) and a verse from the Qur’an about the wicked, and then, citing a verse about the divine tradition of giving respite to the wicked, rebuked Yazid for oppressing the Ahl al-Bayt Hussain and passing them through the cities. And said that the reason for Yazid’s ugly treatment was his hatred of the Badr war.

She further reminded of Yazid’s bad ending and cursed the murderers and oppressors of battle of Karbala , and in the end, referring to the devotion of Ahl al-Bayt to revelation and prophecy, Yazid’s attempt to erase their memory was in vain.

Zaynab Kobra passed away at the age of 56 after enduring various pains and sufferings. There is a difference of opinion on the date of Zaynab’s death, but it is known that she died on Sunday, the 15th of Rajab in the year 62 AH. Some have considered death as 14 Rajab. There are different views about Zaynab’s burial place, some say:

  • Sham: It is famous that Zaynab’s grave is in Sham. This place is now located in the south of Damascus. Due to the existence of the shrine of Zaynab, this area is called “Al-Sayyida Zaynab town”.
  • Egypt: Some historians have considered Zaynab’s tomb in Egypt. This shrine is located in Cairo in the region of Seyed Zaynab and in 1173 AH. Has been rebuilt. This place is known as Al-Seyedeh Zaynab and Al-Seyedeh Zaynab Mosque.
  • Baqiya Cemetery: Some historians have considered Baqiya Cemetery in Medina as the burial place of Zaynab. Following the crisis and war in Syria, terrorist groups and ISIS attempted to destroy the shrine of Zaynab Kobra from 1391 to 1394 AH, which led to damage to part of the shrine, including the dome, and the martyrdom of some residents and pilgrims.
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