What Happened in kufa and After Battle of Karbala?

karbala incident

At the same time of Ashura, Omar Sa’d sent Hussain’s head to Kufa by Khuliya ibn Yazid Asbahi and Hamid ibn Muslim Azdi to Obaidullah ibn Ziad, and the other heads of the martyrs of Karbala, who were seventy-two, were sent to Kufa along with Shamar ibn Dhi al-Jushn and Qais ibn Ash’ath The bare and beheaded body of Hussain’s companions was in the desert of Karbala until the twelfth day of Muharram, when they were buried by the Bani Assad tribe.
The captives of Karbala spend the night in Karbala, but on the eleventh day of Muharram, Omar Sa’d orders the transfer from Karbala to Kufa. The women and the shrine of Hussain were mounted on unseated camels and were sent to Kufa in the most difficult situation.
On the way from Karbala, Omar Sa’d orders the captives to cross the shamble. Zainab, Hussain’s sister, fell on her brother’s body and cried with a sigh of grief … and lamented the oppression that had befallen her brother … and Sajjad, Hussain’s son, also said: … I looked at the dead on the ground and no one buried them, my chest tightened and it was so hard on me that I was about to die, and my aunt Zainab comforted me not to be impatient when she found out about me.
After moving the captives from Karbala to Kufa on the eleventh day of Muharram, they took the captives into the city of Kufa on the twelfth day of Muharram due to the proximity of the two areas. As a result of Obaidullah ibn Ziad’s propaganda, he had done a lot of propaganda against Hussain and introduced Hussain and his companions as foreigners. The people of Kufa were happy with this victory, and now they went to the streets and neighborhoods to see the captives, to rejoice But with the sermons delivered by Imam Sajjad, and Ms. Zainab and the other captives, who introduce themselves to the Kufis and tell the people that the uprising of Hussain is right, the people of Kufa were humiliated With these descriptions, the captives enter the mansion and in the session of Obaidullah Ibn Ziad, who is the ruler of Kufa and the main cause of the martyrdom of Hussain and his companions, In front of the captives and the people, they hit Hussain on the head and teeth with a stick and claimed himself the victor of the battle and considered Hussain’s killing to be God’s will.


karbala incident


It is reported that after turning their heads in the streets and neighborhoods of Kufa for a day (or a few days according to a narration) Ibn Ziad sent them to Sham for Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah. The captives had been taken to Sham under the leadership of Makhmar Ibn Talba Ayazi and Shamar Ibn Dhi Al-Jushan. In this captivity, Imam Sajjad was in chains until arriving Sham and was mounted on an unseated camel the captives were kept behind the gates of Damascus for three days to adorn the city and prepare it for celebration and rejoicing. The people of Damascus were told that the armies of Islam had fought a series of foreigners, and that they were captives of that foreign people. The heads of the martyrs of the Karbala incident arrive in Damascus with the captives on the first day of the month of Safar 61 AH
The heads are passed in front of the convoy of captives through the city gate. People who had gathered hours earlier to see the captives, unaware of the truth of the story and unaware that these captives are from the family of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), rejoice and cheer when they saw the convoy. And they insulted their heads. The Sham trip was very bitter and difficult for Hussain’s family. But this captivity to Sham was plenteous for them, because they were able to prove to the people of Sham that they are not foreigners, but that they are the children of the Prophet and rose up to revive the religion of God.
The captives entered Yazid’s session tied with ropes, but Zainab, in a brave sermon at Yazid’s castle, pointed to Yazid’s evil deeds and disgraced Yazid in her own session. He made it clear to those present in that assembly that they were not foreigners, but that they were the children of Prophet. By describing the event of Karbala to the inhabitants of Yazid Palace, Zeinab causes them sorrow and tears.
The captives were kept as prisoners in a ruin for a while Sham.
According to a narration, Yazid asked a preacher to speak in public and praise Yazid and Mu’awiyah, to dare Ali and his children, and to speak about Yazid’s apparent victory. The preacher did everything he ordered and dared Imam Hussain. Meanwhile, Sajjad said: O Yazid! Allow me to say a few words on the pulpit that will please God and the reward of the audience, Yazid refused. Yazid refused, but the people insisted that Sajjad go to the pulpit and deliver a sermon. After praising God, he introduced themselves, who is their origin, and referred to the story of Karbala and their captivity. There was a commotion in the assembly and everyone shouted against Yazid. Yazid asked the muezzin to say the call to prayer.
One of the events that happened to the captives of Karbala in the evening is the death of a three-year-old girl. Fathers’ deaths are usually hidden from young children, and they are told that the father has traveled. Until one night, Hussain’s daughter Roghayeh, who is said to be three or four years old, wakes up and asks for her father and cries… Until Yazid’s agents bring Hussain’s head in a tray and place it in front of the child, Roghayeh hugs her father’s head and starts to talk After a while, they saw that his head fell to one side and the child to the other side, they saw that she passed away
Yazid, the caliph of the Muslims, under pressure from public opinion and to avoid further scandal, agreed to Zainab’s proposals, and decided to refrain from killing Sajjad, gave them Hussain’s shirt and some of the money they had taken as booty and it was decided that all the captives would be returned to Medina… But Yazid did not give Hussain’s head to them, but it is said that Hussain’s head was returned to Karbala and buried.
It is said that the captives were in the Sham for twenty days and then Yazid released the captives on the twentieth day of Safar, in the year 61 AH, to go to Medina … And now Zainab, who had left Medina with her brothers and relatives, enters Medina without her brothers and relatives and with the suffering of captivity and the grief of the slain and the calamities she had seen during this time


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