What Happened to Imam Hussain’s Children?


In this article we talk about the imam Hussain’s Children and family in karbala incident.

During the reign of the Umayyads, when the ominous shadow of intimidation, oppression and terror overshadowed all Islamic lands, And the exquisite every breath was easily cut off, Expressing opposition and saying “no” to the hard-hearted and bloodthirsty Umayyad rulers, needed a huge courage, History did not have such a spirit and courage except in Hussain ibn Ali. It was the support and zeal of Hussaini who shouted against the evil power of the Umayyads and shook the Green Palace of Damascus, setting an eternal role model and epic. Hussain the lord of the freedmen in the world, taught people toleration and voluntary death under the shadows of the sword.
So, Hussain went and was martyred. Not only himself, but also their companions and children, each of whom was a shining star on the horizon of Islam, were killed, and their blood rained down on the hot sands of field so that Muslims would understand that Yazid was not God’s successor and that Islam was fundamentally separate from the Umayyads.
Now Hussain has set foot in this field with many young people and teenagers of Bani Hashem, he has come with Abbas, Qasim, Ali Akbar … and his other brothers and sisters. This is the field of lovemaking with God, and how good it is for the best righteous people of God to play in this field. Imam Hussain also brought his family with him to this field, and each of them somehow created an epic in Karbala.
Now, we have a brief look at the role of each of them in the Karbala incident, brave women and the heroes whose death was like a martyr.


Imam Hussain’s Family and children in Karbala


According to reliable sources, Imam Hussain’s wives were five, and all of them had children. The late Sheikh Abbas Qomi also mentioned another wife for Imam Hussain, whose name is unknown and she was pregnant. After the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, she was among the captives and had an abortion near Aleppo. But there is no valid basis and document this time. Sheikh Mofid has mentioned the number of children of Imam Hussain as six, four sons and two daughters. Some, including Allama Seyyed Mohsen Amini and Ibn Khashab, have mentioned nine children, six sons and three daughters and some sources, such as Ibn Shahr Ashob in Manaqib and the late Arbali in Kashf al-Ghamah, have mentioned the number of his children as ten, six sons and four daughters, and some even more than ten.
Sons of Imam Hussain: Ali Akbar, Ali Awsat (Zayn al-Abedin), Ali Asghar (Abdullah), Ja’far and Muhammad
Daughters of Imam Hussain: Fatemeh, Zeinab, Roghayeh, Sakineh
Wives of Imam Hussain: Leila, Shahrbanoo, Rabab, Umm Ishaq, Qadha


Shahrbanoo Ali Awsat (Zayn al-Abedin)




When Abdullah Ibn Amer ibn Kriz conquered Khorasan, He sent two of the girls from Yazdgerd to Medina and handed them over to Uthman ibn Affan and Uthman also gave these two to Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain. Imam Hussain married to one of them (shahrbanoo) and Imam Zina al-Abedin was born and she died during childbirth. According to this hadith, the mother of Imam Sajjad (Zin al-Abedin) is one of the daughters of Yazdgerd III. This narration has no problem and it can be accepted. As for his burial, according to several historical reports, Shahrbanoo died of an illness a few days after the birth of her only child, and her holy body was buried in Baqiya Cemetery. Ali Usat: He is the second son of Imam Hussain, who is also known as Zina al-Abedin and Sajjad. And he becomes the Imamate after his father. Imam Sajjad was present in Karbala, but he could not go to the battlefield due to a serious illness and survived. He was taken to Sham with convey of captives, and from there he went to Medina, where he died in 95 AH.
It is stated in history that he was born in the year 38 AH and most historians call his death in the year 95 AH. He has lived for 57 years.


Leila Ali Akbar




Leila Abi Marah Ibn Marwa Ibn Masoud Saghafi is the wife of Imam Hussain and the mother of Ali Akbar. There is no exact details about this lady in history, but most say that she died before the Karbala incident.

Ali Akbar:


Ali Ibn Al-Hussain (Ali Akbar) was born in the eleventh month of Sha’ban in the year 33 AH.
His agnomen is Abolhassan and he is titled Akbar. Because according to reliable narrations, he is the eldest son of Imam Hussain. His mother is Leila, the daughter of Abi Marah. He was no match for Ali Akbar in terms of appearance and fitness.
On the Day of Ashura, Ali Akbar, after the martyrdom of his cousin Qasim, obtained permission to fight from his father and while he was boasting, he roared and attacked the Kufa army.
It is narrated that he attacked the enemy army several times and killed many of Kufa’s troops until the enemy was terrified of the large number of casualties.
It is narrated that he killed about two hundred people with thirst. And while he was thirsty and wounded, he was martyred by Marah, and then they gathered around him and tore his body …


Rabab Sakineh Ali Asghar (Abdullah)


Rababa Ibn Umm al-Qais is the mother of Ali Asghar (Abdullah) and Sakina. She was present in Karbala, He played a great role in healing Hazrat Zainab. This dear lady is taken to Sham with convey of captives and from there to Medina.
Rabab did not live for more than a year after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, and during all this time it is said that she did not go under any shady place until she died of grief.
Ali Asghar: His mother, Rabab, was an infant who was shot in the arm of his father on Ashura.




She is also the mother of Rabab, the daughter of Amri al-Qais. Her name is also mentioned as Amina and her title is Sakineh, which means dignity and tranquility
Sakineh was Abdullah’s fiancée, the son of Imam Hassan (her cousin), who was martyred along with Imam Hussain on the Day of Ashura. Abdullah was martyred when he was thirteen or fourteen years old. Sakineh lived for 56 years after the Karbala incident. Sakineh was born in 47 AH. This honorable lady married Musab Ibn Zubayr after the Karbala incident and after Musab she became the wife of Abdullah Ibn Uthman Affan. He died in 117 AH.


Umm Ishaq Roghayeh (Fatemeh) One of the children of Imam Hussain


Umm Ishaq was the daughter of Talha ibn Obaidullah Tamimi, one of the famous companions of the Prophet of Islam. Abolfaraj Esfahani writes that Umm Ishaq was one of the most beautiful women of Quraysh and she was the most bad-tempered of them.
Umm Ishaq first married Hassan Mujtaba (the second Imam of the Shiite) and after his death, she married Hussain ibn Ali (the third Imam of the Shiite). After the martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali, she married Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Abiyya Bakr, and it is said that before Abdullah ibn Muhammad, she married all of ibn Abbas ibn Abd al-Mulk. Sheikh Mofid names his children from Hassan Mohebbi as three (Hussain Asaram, Talha and Fatemeh). Umm Ishaq also gave birth to a daughter named Fatima known as Ruqayyah from Imam Hussain.






Most historical sources do not mention a girl named Ruqayyah for the Imam. Sheikh Mofid mentions only Sakineh and Fatima as the daughters of Imam Hussain. In some versions of the book Al-Malhouf, which quotes from Imam Hussain to his descendants, in some versions of the book Al-Malhouf, which quotes from Imam Hussain to his survivors, Ruqayyah is mentioned, but it is not mentioned that Ruqayyah is the daughter of Imam Hussain. In Yanabi al-Mawda, with a slight difference in the same phrase, the name of Ruqayyah is mentioned along with the names of other daughters of Imam Hussain.
About the story of Ruqayyah’s death is narrated there was a three-four years old girl with captives in Sham. One night She saw his father in a dream one night, when she wakes up, he cries a lot and is impatient and wants his father. Hearing the sound of his cries, Yazid ordered to take Imam Hussain’s head to her. She was even more upset to see this scene and died because of this sadness.


Umm Jafar (Qadha) Jafar


She is the mother of Ja’far ibn Hussain. All that is said of her is that she was from the Qadha tribe, and no further information is available. According to the reports obtained, it can be said that Rabab and Umm Ishaq were present in Karbala and were taken to Sham with captives. His other wives, such as Leila and Shahrbanu, who had died before 60 AH, could not be in Karbala. No historical information is available about Umm Ja’far. She is considered a woman from the tribe of Bali ibn Qadha and is sometimes referred to as Salafa.
Jafar: Imam Hussain had a son named Jafar and it is said that he died during the life of Imam Hussain, and he was not present in Karbala. No information is available on his age. It is said that his mother is Qadha (Umm Ja’far).
Other sons of Imam Hussain include Muhammad and Zainab, who have no information about themselves or their mother.

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