Why Should We Visit tomb of Hussain ibn Ali?

Aba Abdillah tomb in karbala

sacrifices of Hussain ibn Ali revived the religion, and his role in keeping the religion of Islam alive is special and important. These sacrifices must be kept alive, because it is to keep the religion of Islam alive., because it is to keep the religion of Islam alive. Glorification of Ashura and Arbaeen is, in fact, keeping the religion of Islam alive and fighting the enemies of the religion. Hussain’s tragedy was the greatest and most severe of all. The tragedy of Hussain ibn Ali has not happened to any Imam or prophet.
Even if there was no other reason, this reason is enough to show why we mourn for Hussain ibn Ali more than other Imams and even more than the Prophet of Islam and hold various ceremonies. By martyring Hussain, the enemies of Islam intended to destroy the religion of Islam, and throughout history, they have constantly tried to make the Karbala incident completely forgotten, and even tortured and killed those who came to Pilgrimage Hussain. The Shiites also used any ocasion to counter this, one of which is the Arbaeen incident. And today we see that Arbaeen Hussaini is the largest gathering in the world. The Umayyads establish a caliphate in the name of God and the Sunnah of the Prophet in the Islamic society and commit all kinds of immorality. Hussain cannot remain silent in the face of the oppression of religion. Hussain ibn Ali is an Imam and he is pure and innocent When he sees the idolaters of yesterday who had drawn their swords against the Prophet in the battles of Uhud, Badr …, Now changed their face and as Muslims ruled over the property, honor and religion of the people. The Umayyads, led by Abu Sufyan, the killers of Hamza, Ja’far … Somayeh and Aisha, and the thousands of martyrs of Badr, Hunain … are now claiming the caliphate of the Islamic society, and under cover of the Islamic caliphate, they are abusing it. The people are silent and have forgotten the Umayyads’ past … people became worldly, and everyone became isolated and farseeing.


Imam Hussain tomb in karbala


But Hussain ibn Ali is the Imam, he is the leader and his job is to awaken the society. So, in order to preserve the divine and religious rites, Hussain goes to Karbala, where Miqat loves God, he goes to fight for the religion of Muhammad … Hussain goes to Karbala to preserve the religion of God with his Ashura movement. Karbala and the Ashura movement are the guiding path of the religion of God until the advent of the savior of the world.
After the martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali and his companions in Karbala, the Shiites’ mission was to convey Hussain’s message to the world, and how well they were able to globalize Hussain’s message throughout history If today it is seen that a nation goes to Karbala and mourns for Hussain ibn Ali and his companions and curses the oppressors, this indicates that Hussain ibn Ali is alive, and the blood of himself and his companions has led to something valuable. Shiites go to Karbala because their imams wanted them to visit Hussain’s shrine. From the day after the martyrdom of Hussain and his companions, his Shiites considered it their duty to visit the tombs of their martyrs, and sometimes they encountered difficulties in visiting them Pilgrimage was a kind of covenant with the martyrs not to forget their purpose and path. These feelings and emotions have always been towards Karbala Hussaini. Now the Shiites are going to Karbala to make a pact with their Imam, that they have not forgotten his way. The Shiites go to Karbala to keep alive the ideal and goal of Hussain ibn Ali … and the Shiites follow the path of Hussain ibn Ali with love and are ready to die. And this is why the name and memory of Hussain ibn Ali is always alive

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