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Do you know people who easily kill innocent people in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and make children their human shields and sell women as sex slaves?
They are the ones who slaughtered Hussain and his companions and the women took them captive and shot them in the throat of a six-month-old baby.

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It has been 1340 years that millions of people all over the world are mourning for someone, they take actions in his memory, they forgive and donate, and they cry and commemorate him.
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Most questions about Hussain


Who is Hussain in?

He is an important figure in Islam as he was a member of the Household of Muhammad (Ahl al-Bayt), as well as the third Shia Imam. Hussain and Prophet Muhammad Hussain and his brother Hasan were reportedly the last male descendants of Muhammad living during his lifetime and remaining after his death.



Who killed Hussain ibn Ali?

The answer to the question of who were the killers of Imam Hussein on Day of Ashura, In all eras, there has been a confrontation between Shias and Sunnis over their rightness, and perhaps the source of this confrontation goes back to the event of Karbala. One of the most debated issues is about the killers of Imam Hussain, the ones who have been cursed by the Shias and believed to be a killer, while on the other hand, Wahabis praise them, consider them sincere, and so on.

Hussain Ibn Ali


Was Imam Hussain Shia or Sunni?


Why do some people fast on the day of Ashura?


What happened to the children of Imam Hussain?


What happened after the battle of karbala?


Who survived Karbala?


Why is the city of karbala important?

Some tips About Karbala


Why did Karbala happen?


What is the story of Karbala?


What is the story behine karbala?


Why do shias go to karbala?


What did Abbas in karbala?


What did zeynab in battle of karbala?


What is Karbala in Islam?


Who was Abbas ibn Ali?

The Staunch Advocate Of Dignity And Sacrifice In Islam. Abul-Fadhl-el-Abbas (P.B.U.H.) has appeared on the stage of the Islamic history as the highest leader with no counterpart in the history of mankind to match his rare heroic acts.

Abbas Ibn Ali


How killed Abbas Ibn Ali?


What is the relation of Hazrat Abbas with Hazrat Ali?

Some tips about Abbas&zeynab


Who is zeynab in islam?

one of the most influential women in shaping true reality of Islam. Her resistance and eloquent courageous speech in front of Yazid shows her strong and confident spirit. She is also a great example of tolerance and patience.



How did zeynab died?

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Who did Shia kill?


Why do Shia do Matam?


What did Shia in Karbala?


Did Shia killed Hussain


Why do Shia injure themselves?

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